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Tammy Card...Owner of "Little Bear Child Care of Carmel
Welcome to
Little Bear Child Care of Carmel!

Hello, my name is Tammy Card.  As I was growing up my mother ran an in-home childcare while my father was a schoolteacher.  I used to help my mother take care of the kids she watched every day and I really enjoyed it.  I created life long friendships as a result.  I grew up and left home to finish college, with a double major in Business Administration with a minor in corporate investment banking and Psychology Degree with a concentration in early child development.  As a requirement for my Psychology Degree, I studied young children in local day care centers in my area and quickly learned what to do and what was definitely not appropriate for the care and nurturing of a young child. So, I guess one could easily say by now, I have had almost a lifetime of childcare experience.

I noticed that I really loved working with kids, and that I got a sense of fulfillment helping them to learn about the new world around them.  I also learned why my mother was so happy all the time…it was the kids!  I met and married my wonderful husband Todd and we had two beautiful daughters of our own Kathryn and Kristyn.

We looked for a great place to raise our children and my husband had lived in Carmel for a while in his youth.  We came up, fell in love with a beautiful house in “The Woodlands”, and we bought it!

We moved in 1998, and I opened “Little Bear Child Care of Carmel”.  Over the years I have taken care of many children.  I have had parents who already had one child in my care ask me…”We are having another baby, do you have a spot for us?”  So I have had the privilege of helping these young ones grow from 6 weeks to school age.

I currently have one child, Samantha, who has been with me since she was 12 weeks old. She just turned 4 and can currently do more than what is required for her to advance into the second grade in the Carmel Clay School System. She can read, write, knows all of her primary, secondary, and we are working on Tertiary colors. She can count up to and over 100 in single digits, as well as by her 10's and 20's. She knows her full name, her parents names, and basic safety measures for contacting them in case of an emergency. She is also working on basic numeric equations, and takes a new curriculum book home every Friday to read to her family, showing off how much she has learned through the week while in my care. At her level we start on a new book at the beginning of the week and if she has completed all the requirements and can read the book without difficulty she gets to impress her parents and grandparents at the end of each week. And impresses them with much, much more!

If I am able to start with any child and the parents work with me, I can have that child performing at a highly advanced level before they are ever eligible to enter the Carmel Clay School System. Not only can they do the work but they comprehend what it is they are doing and understand why. It is not just simple memorization here at Little Bear Child Care of Carmel, I teach them how and why learning should be fun and exciting! My Little Bears discover how useful learning can be and take that from my practice with them out into the world and are well prepared and are eager to learn ahead of other children their age just entering a class room setting for the first time.

With Little Bear Child Care of Carmel you and your child get all of the educational and socialization opportunities of a large childcare center, but with a strong focus on low ratios for more one-on-one interaction, highly personalized treatment for each child and their specific needs for current and future development, as well as the loving and nurturing in-home environment most parents desire. And, with a lot less colds and early childhood diseases being passed back and forth! I have a strict sick-child policy and all of my parents are happy to help me, help them keep their little ones happy and healthy the whole year through!

During my (going on two decades of service in Carmel) I have been able to raise my wonderful daughters while having this childcare practice in my home. I am happy to say, my oldest daughter (who is now in her 20's) has graduated and is now an Executive Pastry Chef in Maine, and my youngest is a Junior and loves singing and performing in one of the top levels of choir at Carmel High School. She plans on going to college here in Indiana to become a teacher when she graduates so she can work with young children! I am very proud of them both!

Working with children has been my passion since I helped my mother when I was young, and I have spent many years doing what I love.  If you are looking for childcare, and you want your child or children to spend their days having a great time, while truly being cared for…I invite you to click the "My Location and Contact Information" button to the left, and send me an email to make arrangements for an interview today!

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